Jumping God

This morning, in my Traditions in Islam class, we were discussing a reading that talks the important elements of some surah in the Qur’an.

One of them is the idea of yawm al-Din, of Allah being a witness during the day of judgement.

My professor was going on and on and on and on about the human realm and the divine realm, or something of the sort (I think he forgot that people’s attention span at 8AM is very limited).

Halfway through the class discussion, my friend next to me raised up her hand and asked something like, “So when God bears witness to our actions, does it mean he has to come into the human realm?”

Then the professor said, “Blah blah blah blah blah…. So no, the different realms of humans and the divine apply only to humans, but God transcends this division. God is omnipresent.”

And then my friend added, “Oh, okay.. So God created everything, so he can just jump over?”

WTF HAHA I started laughing!

But she didn’t say it loud enough, so I was the only one who heard it, then people started looking at me!

Kind of embarrassing. Plus it looked like I was being rude, laughing at someone’s question.

But damn WTF right? God can just “jump over” to the human realm to judge us, after that he can jump back to his divine realm to take a rest and chill. LOL can you imagine God jumping around?


Heheeheeee yeahhhh I am taking an Islam class. What amazes me is, what took me one year to cover in Sejarah class in Form 4, we covered within one week.

I remember reading an article in MalaysiaKini many months ago, in which some dude was complaining that many Malaysians don’t know much about Islam. He was like, “How many young people know the 5 pillars of Islam? How many people know such a thing even exists?”

At the time, I have never even heard of the Five Pillars. I was very embarrassed in class because so many Americans seemed to know more about Islam than I do, and I am from a Muslim country for goodness’ sake!

Frankly though, I never would have taken this class if it weren’t for a requirement for my Global Development Studies concentration. I hated Form 4 sejarah.

Ohh and, know what other class I’m taking now? Chinese calligraphy!

It’s an easy class, really relaxed, good time to catch up with people during class as you write your calligraphy… thing.

I joined the class late, so my first class there was everyone else’s third class. That day we were doing the horizontal straight line, 横. Basically just repeating the same stroke over and over.

I was writing loh, and then you know what happened?

The American girl next to me was like, “Um, you should press down harder, so that it looks nicer.”


Okay fine. So I thanked her, and continued writing.

Then 5 minutes later, another American TWO SEATS away from me went, “Do you mind if I suggested something?”

“No, go ahead.”

“Well, you might wanna try applying more pressure, it looks thicker that way.”


I did calligraphy before wan leh, chinese person from chinese school leh, but calligraphy skills still so horrible that two white girls felt the need to comment on it. Two white girls who are doing calligraphy for the first time in their lives!!

I am so proud of myself. What sort of artistic talent I have, what sort of baller skillzz I possess in abstract calligraphy writing.

Okay, now have to go back to library to observe people. Peeping over shoulders to see if people are on Facebook, listening in on conversations, recording the time people waste doing stupid stuff like stare out the window, check out nails, etc etc.

All in the name of qualitative analysis.

I feel like a Super Creep.

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