I don’t think 10/10 holds much significance to most people lah, unless your birthday is on that date.

But suddenly it’s 10/10/10, and everywhere I look online, I see friends’ statuses or picture albums or MSN names or whathaveyou’s all making a reference to the date.

But then for almost everyone on G’nell campus however, 10/10 means only ONE thing — alcohol!

It’s the biggest party all year. It’s the one where the school officials close one eye, and the police open both up wide, because the entire campus comes together, go to a dorm, drink, go to another dorm, drink more, go to one other dorm, drink again, and at midnight, go to the school field and have an all-campus tequila shot, then finally, go to an underground concert hall to drink more, and dance the night away.

This is quite amazing because, in a country where the legal drinking age is 21, about 3-quarters of the student body is not legally allowed to drink. And yet, 10/10 is a school-condoned campus party. I don’t understand how this works either. Any other place in the US, you’re in huge trouble if you’re caught drinking underage. Here, the understanding is that if the cops don’t catch you with alcohol outside of a school building/dorm, then you’re fine.

Frankly, during my first year here, I thought it was ridiculous. People talk about 10/10 (“Ten-ten”) like it’s Christmas. And much like how the Christmas spirit is felt weeks before the actual day, the party spirit dawns on campus waaaaay before the party actually starts. I have a friend whose group started drinking from 9 AM (till the typical 4-ish AM), which is crazy.

This past week, (I mean the entire week, not just the weekend), I’ve been hearing the words “Ten-ten” almost every few hours. You cannot escape it. There were posters everywhere, both to publicize the event (I can’t imagine it needs more publicity!), and also to advise on steps to stay safe that night.

I used to think people who participate in this ridiculous activity must be, you know, that kind of person.

Now I think, who cares lah if you’re that kind of person. People here need to de-stress lah. Especially with the shitloads of homework everyday.

So when I go on Facebook, or MSN, and I see the statuses of people from home talking about 10/10, I always feel weird, like, “Oh wait. You know about Ten-ten also?”

Then I remember, oh no lah 10/10 is not owned by G’nell or what LOL.

I know, 8 hours of “being out” continuously cannot be good for the body. But still. Somethings are worth the damage if “epically memorable” is an adjective that’s applicable to them.

My friends summed up the past weekend pretty darn well with these statements made the days after:

“What! I did that?!”

“I was definitely there! But yeah, where was I?”

“Those dudes were creepy.”


“Here’s to the nights we don’t remember, with the people we’ll never forget!”

(And for the record, I still wasn’t drunk. Have never been! But drunk friends are incredibly funny — as long as they don’t throw up!)

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