This is one of those weeks where I wish I was home, far, far, faaaar away from school and homework and exams and freaking papers.

Oh, the papers.

I had a 5-page social theory paper that was due Tuesday, and on Friday I have a 15-page research paper and an outline of another 15-page theory paper due.

Like that is not bad enough, I also have a Religious Studies mid-term exam on Friday.

And on Monday I had a French mid-term exam also.

Basically this week is pretty hellish lah.

Two exams, 20-pages of writing in total, an outline for another paper.

And the annoying thing is, it wouldn’t be so bad if the prompts for these papers were given way in advance, or if I had many weeks to prepare for it. In fact, I only have a week / two weeks to write these shitty papers, because before that I had other papers to work on.

My mom had told me to not go out this past weekend, but given the amount of time I had spent on homework during the week, I think I deserve the Saturday night off.

I feel like I’m always writing papers.

After graduation, I’m going to put all my Word documents together and see how many pages of writing I have done.

Such is the life of a social science major. So every time my friends imply that science majors are much harder than social science, there’s more work, takes more time, they have lab and it’s omg-so-hard, I wanna say, Fuck la you come and write my papers for me la!

My friend did that last Friday. I told her I have to work on a 15-page paper and an outline for another 15-page paper, she had the guts to say, “Well, you don’t have lab, so that kind of makes up for it.”

Yak si lah, you say your one lab is equivalent to my 15 pages of writing and shitloads of time doing research/reading for the paper?

We don’t have labs, but we have tons of reading wor! You come and do 30-60 pages for each day of each class la! And multiply that by the number of social science courses you’re taking la! Then you figure out how many hours I have to sit on my desk every day.

I hate it when Asians underestimate the social sciences, and sometimes, the humanities (though less so).

Yes, it’s always the Asians, especially East-Asians. Interesting fact: there are only 4 East-Asians (including me la) in the sociology department. All others are white or black or Latin-American or whathaveyou. Asians just don’t like doing humanities or social science.

(But the exception is Economics. The economics department is overflowing with Asian people.)

I am obviously not saying science is easy la, I know science is damn hard, I was a science student before, but at the same time I think it’s fair to ask for a bit more respect from Asian science majors. A few of whom, by the way, have mentioned that they dare not take a philosophy class because they are scared it will be too hard. I know philosophy is humanities, not social science, but there ya go, it just goes to show how Asians can feel about reading/analyzing/writing-intense classes.

Oh I dunno why I’m letting off steam here. Anyway I am so tired, but I know I cannot afford to go to bed. That is one of the most unpleasant situations to be in, but also one of the situations I most often find myself in.

Brighter side: If I don’t sleep, I will be awake at 7AM to go to the dining hall for breakfast, and it’ll be early enough so I don’t have to wait in line at the Eggs-to-Order station. Eggs!! Two eggs, bacon, green peppers, mushrooms, and tons of various cheeses make the best omelette!

Even brighter side: Fall break next week. AMISH TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!

Dim side: I have a 6-page paper due the Tuesday right after break. But we’re arriving back on campus late Saturday night. So means I have only 2 days to work on my paper. That, plus all the regular homework and reading for Monday and Tuesday.

LOL my friend joked that I’m lucky to be staying with the Amish, because they have no electricity, which gives me a legitimate reason to not do homework. But frankly I’d rather be able to work on my paper than come back and rush like crazy after what I expect would be a very tiring trip.

Anyhow. It’s 1:33 AM and I have a paper to write. Bye!

Good night everyone!

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