That, my friends, is the triumphant cry of a girl who has ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING!

Who, you ask? Me.

Accomplished what?

Studied for a French mid-term exam and a Religious Studies mid-term exam, wrote a 5-page theory paper (theory paper ahh! dun play play, not easy!), wrote a freaking FIFTEEN PAGE PAPER, and completed an outline for another 15-page paper… ALL IN ONE WEEK!!!!!!


How did I do it, heh? HOW HOW HOW?

I am so impressed with myself. I don’t even know how I completed everything.

Utter hard work and determination? Unrelenting thirst for knowledge and enlightenment? Sheer desire to kick some paper-and-exam right up in the ass?

HO HO HO no lah, not all of that. Kidding, kidding. I just wanna make my mamma proud HAHA. That’s what my friend always reminds me to do when I start slacking off in schoolwork — “Chooi! Make your mamma proud!”

If you’re thinking, why the fuck am I so shameless, self-praise until like this? Let me tell you, it’s ’cause I did all these in addition to all the OTHER homework that I had. Pages and pages of reading, short presentations for French, all that crap.

Now imagine your usual homework load, then you pile all this shit on top, HO HO HO are you not impressed with yourself if you managed to pull it off HMMMMM?

Of course, this leaves the door open for me to complain about my professors again. Why the hell do they still give homework and readings if they know it is exam week already?


I actually really, really need to sleep. I slept a total of 4.5 hours for the past 2 nights. Means in the past 60 hours, I’ve only slept 4.5 hours.

I was so tired, today while I was writing my paper at the library, I dunno how, I just fell asleep with my hands still on the keyboard, and I woke myself up by…… drooling onto my jeans OH YEAH.

During the summer, when I had to fly back to G’nell, I was so reluctant, primarily because I didn’t want to leave home, but also because I was absolutely dreading having to go through weeks like this again.

But if there’s a lesson I’ve learned from experience, it’s this — it always, always looks ridiculously, unbelievably daunting, and just trying to figure out how in the world you can complete everything may scare the shit out of you, and you may feel like there’s NO WAY IN HELL you can do that much work in one week, but then for some reason, you somehow, SOMEHOW, ALWAYS pull through.

I couldn’t imagine how I could think about 35 pages worth of writing, plus two exams, on top of the regular, already heavy homework-load, but hey I survived! Incredibly sleep-deprived, and worse off health-wise from eating quick meals instead of proper ones, but I survived!

But anyhow.

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Indiana, to the Amish community!! An 8-hour drive, ain’t gon’ be easy.

I am so so so so so so so so so so os so soso soso so so so so sofoo os ososososo excited.

Service trip with an Amish community. Service trip with an Amish community.

Oh mannnnnn I know it’s gonna be awesome.

Candle-lit dinners (because there’s no electricity hahah), extremely efficient showers (because 10 people have to take turns showering in an hour), and home-cooked Amish food with a different family each night!

But before that.

Tonight I have to — do laundry, pack, complete online application for France program, look for recipe for food bazaar, do calligraphy (that’s our mid-term exam — write one character to hand in LOL), remove all nail polish, burn songs for tomorrow’s trip. Hohoho it’s gonna be a loooooong night!

My friend’s friend is here! He own’s an Indonesian restaurant and he brought Indonesian food for us! So I gotta go now bye bye!!!


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