Rolling waters

I can see the wave again. That huge-ass tsunami of schoolwork that comes several times every semester.

This time, it’s a 12-page paper and a 15-page paper due November 30th and December 1st respectively.

That is exactly three weeks from now!! I have to complete 27 pages of writing in three weeks!!!!!!!!!

I also have a 5-page religion paper due this Friday, and a 2-page French film analysis due next Monday.

So more accurately speaking, I have 34 pages to write in three weeks.

And then I have the usual 60-pages-per-class-on-average reading for all my classes, and a French presentation next Wednesday.

As if that is not enough for me to handle without completely freaking out, I also have to travel to Chicago on November 28 to get my French study visa done.

So mere days before the due date of both my papers, when I should be going quite mad planning out every second of my day, when I ought to be typing on my laptop standing up because I would be so tired I’d fall asleep if I worked sitting down……, I would instead be spending time going all the way to Chicago. Two whole days gone.

How will I survive this?

How can I write 34 pages in 18 days????

So, quite a bunch of things have happened in the last couple of weeks. I wanna write about them, but no time now.

But here’s a quick update: I just bought tickets to spend 3 weeks in Los Angeles in the winter! And then flying straight to France right after that. Excited for that already! 🙂

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