Islam paper


Just handed in my religious studies paper. 5 pages down, 29 pages of total writing to go!

My professor is so stupid. I’ll tell you why soon.

I dislike him, and so do my friends, because he always talks in a long, convoluted manner using big words, when in fact the message is actually really simple and a normal person can say in really simple english. I assure you that when this goes on in an 8 a.m. class on Islamic traditions, it annoys a lot of people, me included.

Naturally, the prompts that he gives us for the papers that he wants us to write are always, always super vague. The prompts would be half a page long, single spaced, and filled with questions that seem random and disconnected from any sort of overarching theme. How the heck do you write a 5-page long paper when you don’t even know what the real point of the paper is supposed to be?

So then today, at the beginning of class, he went, “So what do I mean when I say ‘normative Islam’ in the prompt? I was thinking about this as I was walking to class this morning.
*Gives explanation of what he means specifically by normative Islam*
…. So, please keep this in mind when you write your paper.”

And then everyone was looking around at each other, super confused.

“But isn’t the paper due today?? Like, right now??”

“It is? Oh wow. *Gives a stupid excuse about how he loses track of time when his wife is away from home*

Everyone was giving everyone else incredulous looks that scream WTF??

I spent so much time going over all the readings that we’ve done in the past 3 weeks (not a small amount, I assure you!) trying to find things that I can sort of kinda maybe tie in to what I think he might sort of kinda maybe mean by “normative Islam”. Excuse me, if you’d explained earlier you would’ve saved us a lot of time being confused and frustrated kay!

If you wonder why we didn’t just ask him earlier what his prompt meant, it is because we know from past experience that the answers he gives when you ask him about such things are as valuable and helpful as a mini-umbrella under big fat raindrops in an unforgiving thunderstorm.


Two nights ago was pretty interesting.

My friend and I went to the library to work on this paper, but then we were both sleepy and couldn’t concentrate. So we proceeded to do the smart thing and…. went to her house to have tequila shots!

HOHOHO you may think I was kidding when I say it was a smart thing to do, but I swear it helped a lot! We both had a couple of shots, and when we went back to the library I was so focused, I came up with half a page of outline in half an hour! I swear I am never that productive. In fact, I’d been staring at the readings for 3 hours before that and only had a single shitty sentence that might or might not have ended up being in my actual paper.

And then last night, at 1 a.m., when we couldn’t focus anymore, we went to her place again to smoke hookah. Frankly I don’t see what’s so nice about hookah, I think the only value that it provides is the opportunity for you and your friends to sit around and chill and talk to each other as you pass the pipe around, because honestly it is quite pointless if you were to smoke alone. No real pleasure at all.

Anyhow. I guess this friend is what my mom would call a “bad influence” LOL. Each of her suggestion for study breaks have involved alcohol or some sort of smoking (ahah ahah).

We were joking that from now on we would have a few straight shots of alcohol when we study together for this class again. Or, maybe we weren’t joking. We’ll see.

Stupid schoolwork allowed me only an hour of sleep last night. (Okay lah hookah also took up an hour.)

But IT’S FRIDAY!!! Can sleep now!! Dieu merci c’est vendredi!!

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