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I was reading my previous post, and I realized I shouldn’t have written what I wrote the way I have written it.

Like, when I said sociology majors are very vocal but art/history/science majors cannot talk about what their subjects in regular conversations, it sort of came out wrong.

What I meant was, sociology people have the opportunity to talk about sociology things because sociology is about society (lol yeah duh). Hence, just by interacting with people, just by being a social being, you are constantly reminded of what you studied and thus end up always making sociology-related statements (that may or may not annoy people, who knows).

I of course don’t mean to say sociology is better or what.

* * * * *

Today something damn funny happened.

I was at the Driver’s License Office this afternoon, to take the written test, so that I can get a permit to practice driving, so that I can take the actual driving test at some later time.

Everyone there were either 1. some young teen eager to start driving, or 2. a parent.

Except me, 21, turning 22, there only to take written test for a learner’s permit.

Anyway there was a teenaged boy at the counter, and the lady at the counter asked him the standard questions, “Do you have any physical disabilities blah blah blah?”


“And do you have any hearing impairment?”

Before the boy could answer, his mom said loudly from 10 feet away, “YES HE DOES. He never listens to what I say!”

I was LOL and ROFL on the inside!

Then the lady asked the boy for his weight. Then his height.

The boy gave her his height, which was 6-foot-something, and his mom said in a skeptical voice, “Oh really. Are you sure?”

And one time, I dunno what the lady at the counter said, but the mom went, “Yeah. We always thought he was the weird one in the family.”

LOL such a funny mom!

She was kidding la, the boy had sharp wit also, it was super entertaining watching them both.

Anyway. I passed my written exam!

Obviously it’s no big deal la, ’cause all it means is that I am now allowed to practice driving as long as I have a “licensed adult” next to me to supervise me. Ahem. I feel like such a child.

The only person I know who has a car on campus and is close enough to me that I can borrow her car to drive is someone 2 years younger than me. My god, and I have been driving longer than she has!

No matter what you say, I still think it’s sort of paiseh.

And then, after I feel like I’ve had enough practice driving on the wrong side of the road (in the U.S. they drive on the right lane), I then have to persuade / bribe my friend to come to the office with me on a Wednesday morning with her car, so that I can take the driving test with her car.

Isn’t that so ridiculous eh. You need to bring your own car for the driving test.

Okay la paiseh to say, I went for the written test last week and failed la. ‘Cause I didn’t read the practice questions beforehand and had no idea what the road sings mean. Have never seen those in Malaysia before. Very stupid of me. Also, there were ridiculous questions like, how far do you have to stay behind another vehicle? Or something. And the answer is 2 seconds. Not 1 second, not 5 seconds, but exactly TWO seconds behind the car in front of you. Of course la I fail! I’ve been driving for 4 years in Malaysia, and never once have I thought, “Oh my car is less than 2 seconds behind this person. Let me go slower now.”

Anyway. My friend texted me while I was waiting to take the test.

“I apply for a dinner with you”

“Haha okay! Tell me when you go. I’m waiting to take driving written test now hope i don’t fail lol”

“5??? i hope so too.. otherwise its a shame for all malaysians”

*I had to turn off the phone, so I replied 1 hour later*

“hohoho, of course i passed! with flying colors of course. And 5 is good of course.”

“flying colors?? u are being too poetic with the joy of passing a test that everyone passes lol see you in 10 mins”

LOL So mem-paiseh-kan, failing a written test at 21.8 years old, when all the 16 year-olds plus everyone else I know who took it passed on the first try.

But NO LAH Malaysia uses different road signs mah!

I think it will feel weird to drive on the “wrong” side of the road.

* * * * *

I am in love, in love, in abso-freaking-lutely LOVE with this song.

It holds the number 1 spot on my iTunes’ Top 25 Most Played list. And by a very wide margin also.

It’s so far the ONLY song I can play on repeat for a few hours straight.

Not my number one favorite song lah, some other songs are so intense that I only play them once, because I don’t want the “amazing-ness” to run out, if you know what I mean. I wanna preserve the amazingness.

But this song is, KABOOM!.. Mind-blowing.

The video is damn awkward though. Like a really cheesy 80’s music video. Weird lighting, awkward wind blowing, like a bad Bangles video.

But music is aweSUMM. Listen listen listen!

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