Journal hears roommates’ snoring

People have such different snoring patterns! I never thought about this until now.

As interesting as this tidbit is however, right now is not the ideal time to be making such groundbreaking realizations, because right now it is 3:30AM and I really need sleep but am stopped from getting some by these 3 Australian guys all snoring simultaneously.

It is interesting for only a minute — the minute during which you realize that these different snoring sounds make up quite a symphony. Then the next minute you quickly realize that this snoring symphony will likely go on all night long, and it immediately loses its appeal.

So I woke up from the snoring and now I can’t fall back asleep. Thank goodness for free wifi and wordpress iPod apps! Or pretty much thank goodness for iPods in general. Will be listening to music the whole night to drown out the snoring.

Just like I did last night. *sigh

(Bring earplugs if you ever stay in youth hostels, seriously.)

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