Journal lost money in Las Vegas

All in all, I lost $2 playing the slot machines in Las Vegas.

At one point, I had $13 in my figurative hands. (You redeem the money with a ticket printout. It’s much easier to gamble away money that you never touched, never really had in the first place. Hence my ultimate loss.)

Still. I put in a dollar and won thirteen! A 130% return is not too bad for a first-time slot machine player.

I wish I could’ve gotten married at a wedding chapel before I left Vegas though. Because goodness knows, a trip to Vegas isn’t a trip to Vegas without a night of drunken unruliness and debauchery that climaxes (hur hur!) with a typical Vegas wedding in a family-run chapel. I could’ve gotten my first wedding annulment!

I went to Vegas and came back with photos, memories, a $2 gambling loss and rice cakes from a Chinese grocery store.

Not bad for a first-time Vegas-goer.

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