First class

Tomorrow will be my first class at the Université de Nantes; it’s going to be a modern philosophy class.

Philosophy in english is hard enough to understand. I remember trying to read Kant for one of my philosophy classes, and completely gave up. I ended up going to classes without doing ANY reading. I also remember reading Hegel for another philosophy class, and ended up going to Google to read up summaries .

But as tough as philosophy classes are, they still end up being more interesting than my other classes (except sociology, and as long as I finally figure out what the heck is going on).

Let us all hope that reading philosophy in French wouldn’t be too much harder, yes?

I’ll be going into a philosophy class in a French university with all the other French students, equipped with only 2.5 years of french studies. I’ll be like a mere cheese knife in a sea of cleavers and machetes.

Oh gawd pray I do okay! This adventure ride is going to get a little bumpy!

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