I have this tingly feeling in me that really means only one thing – that I am very excited for something.

We’re going to visit a vineyard tomorrow, and that is kind of annoying because that means not having Internet access and I can’t check live updates of the Sarawak state elections.

I have a very good feeling about the elections. Like the rest of Malaysia, I can’t wait for Sarawak to show the government that enough is enough. Seeing the great turnout at Pakatan Rakyat rallies, I think the people really have had enough. What happens in Sarawak tomorrow will be an indication of what will likely happen during the 2013 general election, and I am excited for a change to take place. I’m finally at an age where my voice finally counts, and I cannot wait to vote. I can’t wait to be one of the millions of people who decide that our corrupt regime has to end.

A couple weeks ago, I was asked a question that I’ve never had to answer before this. I’ve always raved about how wonderful Malaysia is, but occasionally I share stories of how selfish, how immature, and how humiliatingly corrupt my government is. Then finally someone asked, “Why do you say you have such a good life in Malaysia when you complain about the Malaysian government all the time?”

I dunno, why exactly? I have a wonderful life in Malaysia. But that doesn’t stop me from being incredibly disgusted by the policies of BN that violate human rights. I am disgusted by BN and its kakis for putting their own interests before the interests of the people, and for using the filthiest of tactics to keep themselves in power. It infuriates me when I spend a large chunk of my time studying social inequality and human rights in the classroom in Grinnell, and then I log on to Malaysiakini and see how backward Malaysia is.

Freedom of press? None.
Freedom to practice religion? Not quite there.
Freedom of expression? Heck no! We will use ISA on you if you show dissent!

Imagine taking a sociology class in the morning and talking about the social construct of race and racial inequality. And then imagine going online after lunch to read about BN threatening the Chinese and the indigenous communities that they will lose their representation if they vote for the opposition. Is this how low they have to stoop?

Apparently not, because they have gone much, much lower. Think Anwar’s alleged sex video. Oh hey, just in time for the elections! Think cyber attacks on websites of independent alternative media.

And how is it that our ministers, the Prime Minister included, can make statements expected only from an 8-year-old? Why are they constantly making baseless statements? I mean, Obama backs all he says with good reasoning. Najib backs all he says with… Oh wait, does he even try to back up what he spews from his mouth? In response to police using violence in a peaceful protest (what else is new), he basically said that the protesters tempted the police to use violence so that they can make the government look bad. Eh hello, seriously??????

And so this is our government. Yes Sarawak, show them that we’ve all had enough. Pave the way for a greater change soon to come.

To quote Sam Cooke, “It’s been a long time coming, but I know a change gon’ come.”

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