It’s 10:14 AM on a Saturday morning, and I’m the only person awake in the entire apartment.

I can’t help thinking — in Tamale, people would have washed a load of clothes, cleaned the house, watched TV, went to the market, and would be preparing lunch by this… late hour.

For the past 4 days that I’ve been back here, I was the first person to wake up. Every day. Then I’d make tea, make eggs, make toast, then sit at the table with my computer, all alone. And then some 2 hours later, the first of my friends would walk out of her room, sleepy-eyed, asking what time I woke up, if I’d had breakfast, what I’m planning on doing today. And the answer was always the same: Yes, yes, my internship paper.

It still doesn’t feel real yet, being back in Grinnell, being in a super nice apartment with my closest friends here.

It’s a 1.5 story apartment. The bedrooms are upstairs, the rest of the apartment is downstairs. We have everything — even a TV, which really shouldn’t be here because several times already I’ve been trying to write my paper while watching That 70’s Show and My Wife and Kids.

Right now it’s a mess because none of us have fully settled in yet — storage boxes and luggage are still lying around. But I’ll show you guys a picture when it’s all fully decorated; I absolutely love it!

The only downside is that we now have our own kitchen / fridge, food is always available, and hence, I’ve been constantly feeling like eating. Last night I was “hungry” at 3 AM, so we made pasta. I wasn’t satisfied still, so we had toast and cream cheese after.

There’s something very, very nice about coming home to your apartment after classes and seeing your friends, as opposed to going back to an empty room.

Oh final year of university is going to be shweeeet.

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