Bag of Chips

WOOOOOO I’ll be staying with an American Indian tribe in October!

We’ll be going to Cherokee Nation, to its headquarters in Oklahoma, for a week-long service trip. It’s the same organization that took me to Indiana to stay with the Amish last year.

I admit, I hardly know anything about the Native American heritage and culture, but this is going to be exciting. Now I just have to get through one more month of school.

This weekend is Family Weekend, and I have to give a poster presentation on my Ghana summer internship to interested students, families who come to visit, and… (gasp) the college’s Trustees!

And then two days after that, I have to lead a freaking 2-hour discussion on my Policy Studies class, about what kinds of public policies to make with regard to water scarcity and food security in developing countries. I MEAN SHIT, TWO HOUR DISCUSSION!

I am very, very nervous about that. I don’t know how to lead a discussion for TWO WHOLE HOURS. My professor will not be talking; he will be sitting down, listening to me and my fellow policy students converse about how poor countries don’t have enough food because they do not get enough water, ou quelque chose comme ça.

We’re talking about classmates who are political science majors, who studied abroad in freaking Washington DC and London, and who interned at the British Parliament! Oh yes I am intimidated by them. No one is more intimidating than liberal arts political science majors who worked in the parliament and used to be on the debate team.

Pray for me.

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