Going Native

Yahhh so I’m going on that fall break trip after all.

So me not being able to go did not materialize into solid shit the way I thought it would.

Life, you ain’t going all-out bad after all.

Oh, and no, my sort of troubles are not ones involving classes (not failing any), males (none tried to break up with me), friends, or family.

We went to Des Moines to watch the Broadway musical La Cage Aux Folles last night. We obviously got the cheap tickets, so we were way far behind (way, way far). So imagine my dismay when, as the seats started filling up, some 6-foot-tall guy comes and plants himself in the seat right in front of me.


I spent the whole night taking over more than my share of the left arm space, because I had to crane my neck this certain way to the left to see the stage.

But it wasn’t that bad. At all.

Okay, CD I’m burning for the long drive is done burning. 9-hour drive to Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Gotta get ready, have a good weekend all!

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