Ghana pics

I don’t go through my own online journal very often, but when I do, I almost always wish I do performance checks more often.

So I just found out that the pictures in 2 of my Ghana posts did not turn up. Which was a shame, because they were the only pictures of Ghana that I’d put up online.

It feels like a long time since I left Ghana, but I do completely still intend to write about my experiences, whether in a dedicated post, or by weaving stories of me trying to navigate through the Ghanaian life as a ‘white person’, into posts about my general academic- and theory-heavy Grinellian life. My truly white person life.

In any case, since I have yet to actually write about much of my summer experiences, let me just re-share the few pictures that I have uploaded.

This post has a picture of the women from the villages that I’d visit every morning.

This post has a picture of the kids from the neighborhood playing soccer around the compound house in which I lived.

It’s the best I can do for now. At least until I complete this outline for a paper on using wastewater for agriculture irrigation in developing countries. I know, so boring.

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