Disgruntled stick

“You can be like Mother Theresa.”

No. She didn’t cure the disease, she was only temporary relief.

“You can be Gandhi.”

Closer, but he didn’t change the system either.

“Then you can be Karl Marx!”

[Context: My roommate and I, on people who changed the world.]

By the end of our 3.5 hour long conversation, we painted a very bleak future for the world:

The gluttonous hand of capitalism will grip every aspect of life in a chokehold;
the next generations will only know of a society where everything is commodified, bought and sold on the market;
climate change will screw our environment up beyond recognition;
sunlight and fresh air will be bottled up, private companies will climb over each other in their claims that each provides the freshest air, the warmest ray, at the highest price conceivably reasonable.

Everyone would aggressively seek to fatten their bank accounts, with little regard for social values, ethics, and moral obligations.

Is it really such a far-fetched idea? Once upon a time, water was free. A quota may be allocated to different users, yes, but no one had to pay for it. Look at us now. If you were to travel back to a time many centuries ago, and declared that there will come a time when each liter of water would come with a price tag, who’d believe you? If you said that there’d be people who take water from the sources, package them up and sell them to ordinary folk, they’d laugh in your face. Who would be so silly as to pay for a natural resource that should be free?

Neoliberalism, you have failed us. Big.

We need a Karl Marx of our time. That predicted revolution needs to happen, now.

Occupy Movement, maybe?

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