I love basil, and other things

Ahhhhhhh my biological clock has been completely out of whack lately.

I’ve been taking 4-hour evening naps after classes, then at midnight I’d have a dinner equivalent, then study for a few hours, and go back to bed at 5 AM. Then wake up at 7:30 AM, go to class, blablabla same thing all over again.

Last night, I woke up at midnight, and was feeling hungry cos I missed dinner, as usual. So I made a ton of roast fingerling potatoes and a ton more of spaghetti. Everything from fresh ingredients, mind, none of that pre-ready sauce-from-a-jar kind.

It took almost an hour to get everything washed, scrubbed (potatoes), chopped, and cooked. Now I have enough food in the fridge to last me at least 4 more meals.

And so I had dinner at a little past 1 AM. And it wasn’t too bad, because my other housemates were awake still, hanging out in the kitchen area.

I wonder if sharing an apartment is a bad idea for the combination of us, because we’re all night owls, and it’s bad enough if you have your own room to be awake in alone at 2 in the morning, but it’s a lot worse if you’re sharing an apartment and 4 other people are awake as well, and you’re tempted to make impromptu group decisions to cook 3 AM ramen noodles or have 2 AM chat sessions.

It’s a good thing this semester hadn’t been as intense as the past few semesters, because the most tempting time-waster this semester has been long, long, long talks with my housemates. On a week night. At 1 AM. When readings and papers and reports are still waiting to be done.

On another note, I’ve realized cooking can be quite nice. It’s nice when I’m in the kitchen area, and my friends are in the dining area (which is separated from the kitchen area by a long counter at which you’d find the sinks), and we’re just talking, joking, making unnecessary and uncalled for comments about each other’s cooking (in)abilities.

We’re not that bad though. I mean, at least we’re not using cooking mixes. But then again, I have a very simple palate. Anything with a good douse of olive oil and basil tastes good enough for me.

On yet another note, I just bought a Kindle! Not the Fire, I’m not that good at wasting money. It arrived a few days ago, but it’s still in the mail room. I am determined to not collect it until after I’m done with my 18-page political sociology paper, at the very least. If I’m disciplined enough, I’d leave it in the mail room until I’m done with my 30-page policy studies paper.

Two more weeks of school until winter break. It’s that 18-page paper, that 30-page paper, a final exam, a class facilitation and a final presentation between me and sweet, sweet winter break.

I’ve been asked to house-sit a 101-year old house owned by the College over winter break. It’s designed by Walter Burley Griffin, who’s apparently very famous, because he’s the same architect who designed Canberra, capital city of Australia. And I’m supposed to take care of a cat there as well.

I’ve had a tour of that place a few weeks ago, it’s gorgeous. Red wood floors, tiled fireplace deco, just superbly cozy. I imagine many relaxing hours in the first-floor library with my Kindle.

But till then, it’s paper-writing time. I need a drink!


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