So that paper I complained about in my previous post?

I finally completed it. At 10p.m, the day after it was due. But no matter, it was a ridiculously tough paper to write, and I’m more than happy that it’s over and done with.

It’s basically a paper on religious identity and what it means for Muslims and their citizenship within an Islamic state (Malaysia) versus a secular state (France).

I needed a title for my paper, but I’d already spent a shitload of time on it, and didn’t want to spend a minute longer on figuring out a title, because I was so sick of the thing.

At the time, The Killers’ Human happened to be playing on iTunes.

I was desperate enough, so I thought…


… “Am I Muslim, or Am I Citizen?”

Yeah, I ended up giving my paper an idiotic question for a title. It’s like naming your kids something ridiculous like Apple, or Precious.

I’m sure my professor will be rolling his eyes, at the tardiness of my paper submission, and at my disgustingly corny title.

I feel so silly in retrospect! It’s a ridiculous title.

It’s finals week, and you know what that means. Very little sleep, a lot of paper-writing, very little hanging out, a lot of stress, very little time to waste, a lot of learning to do. Or at least, a lot of trying to prove you’ve learned something in the past semester.

In the past 26 hours, I’ve been up writing the final of my final papers. I literally woke up from a previous long night of paper-writing, brushed my teeth, then planted myself in front of my laptop; and for the following 26 hours, I changed positions a few times, but I’m more or less always facing this freaking laptop. Other than the occasional 30 minute breaks to stretch / talk to a housemate / eat food, I’ve been at the computer, typing away, veeeerrryyy sllllooowwwlllyyy building up my paper, one line after another.

My body has been aching all over, for no apparent reason. Maybe I’ve been hunched over this thing for far too long.

The other day, I was writing my paper at the library when a bunch of staff members in very silly hats stormed through the building, making un-library-friendly noises with these party noise-makers, generally being very obnoxiously loud and cheerful, and tossing out free candy. Free candy!

They were patting people on the backs, high-fiving people, yelling, “You are the smartest 1%! You will get 99%! OCCUPY FINALS!!”

Awesome. I was sitting in this really cozy spot where complete strangers were less than an arm’s length away, and we all just looked at each other and laughed. I had so much candy given to me, I ended up stuffing them into my coat pockets at the end of the night before going home and tossing them into the “free candy” bag for my dorm mates.

For some reason, that whole thing really brought my mood up, so as I walked home in the cold fog a little past midnight, I felt like singing so badly. So I sang a medley of Foo Fighters songs. That was pretty awesome as well.

Anyway. Further updates on my terribly exciting life will come in a few days.

Gotta get back to tackling food insecurity in developing countries!

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