Big whoop!

Winter break has started! But it feels odd, very different from the winter breaks of the past 3 years, like it isn’t actually winter break.

The whole transition from finals week to winter break had been a blur.

I had a long-ass paper due at 5PM on Friday; it’s a 30-page paper that I had to write with a partner. But by Thursday night, we were already out and having fun. I never go out on a Thursday night, much less on a Thursday night of finals week, with a final paper due the next day. We were still up at 4AM, and when everyone else was like, “Oh I’m tired, I’m going to bed”, I decided to stay up and write the final part of my paper.

I worked on it till 8AM, sent it to my partner, then went to bed. Woke up at 12PM, checked my email and saw that my partner had sent me his part. But it was a very shitty part. So I spent the next 4 hours editing, re-organizing, re-phrasing, and doing last-minute research and bulking up parts of the 30-page paper. Sent it in by 4:15PM, and WOOOOOOOOT, second-to-last semester of senior year, finally over!

Went to a very fancy restaurant for dinner that night. I mean, really fancy. Costed a bomb. After dinner, we went to a Mexican restaurant to meet up with a bunch of other people and had margaritas. Everything else was a blur — not so much because of the alcohol, but because everyone was ridiculously happy the semester was over, and so everyone had suggestions as to what we should do that night, and to an extent, we tried to do them all.

We ended up coming home and going to bed at 6:30AM that night.

What an end to the first semester of senior year. One more semester to go!

Also, look at this picture — is it not so cool?

It is cool.

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