A drink while you wait?

A few non-mundane things:

1. Very exciting news — I got tickets to a Radiohead concert in Kansas City! I’m watching Radiohead play live. Radiohead! In four weeks, my life will be a lot closer to being complete. I’ve spent many a night, playing Radiohead songs on repeat, wanting to leave behind the homework on my desk and melt into a world where the only thing that exists is Radiohead’s music. Radiohead music is dark and quietly sorrowful and full of heavy emotions, but goddamn it’s breathtaking. Yes, I’m taking a 7-hour night bus to Kansas City on Friday and another 7-hour bus back to Grinnell early Monday morning, and 4 hours after that, attend my sociology class like I did not just have the most mind-blowing weekend of my life.

It’s gon’ be awesome.

2. Somewhat exciting news — we’re heading south for spring break! To Memphis, Tennessee, home of Elvis Presley, civil rights movements, and other such awesome things (not so awesome — place of assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.). And then onwards to New Orleans, Louisiana, most unique city in America. Birthplace of jazz, and home to good food and wonderful festivals. Also, we’re taking the train, and I can’t even begin to describe my fascination with train travels.

3. Mildly interesting news — for a paper I’m writing for my political science class, I’m taking on the role of our dear old Prime Minister, Mr. Najib, a.k.a Ah Jib Kor, and writing about the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights in his perspective. My professor gave us a long list of leaders to choose from, both political and non-political, but honestly, what can be more interesting than taking on the role of the enemy? My housemates laughed when I told them about my paper, because they know how much I complain about Najib and his corrupt regime. I had written a blog post on United Nations’ response to Parti Najib’s ban on peaceful assembly, which, ironically, is a human right outlined in the same Universal Declaration of Human Rights that I’m pretending to be Najib and writing about.

My life isn’t very interesting nowadays.

We’re going to Des Moines this Saturday to see West Side Story the musical.

I have friends with birthdays all of February, so for four consecutive weekends it’ll pretty much be just a lot of going out and partying. I hate that word, partying — it evokes images of drunkenness and debauchery and other such dirty things. Or is it just me for whom the word has such undignified connotations?

But that is life right now — homework, music, anxiety attacks led by thoughts of graduation, job search, travel plans, drinks, papers, dance, thoughts of home, movies, procrastination, debates, classes, cooking, complaints about the snow and cold, sleep, complaints about lack of sleep.

You know, the usual.

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