Oh what a circus

I saw my sociology professor at the Grill today.

He asked if I had a good weekend. I said yes, I had a very good weekend.

He went, “And by ‘good’, I’m assuming you mean ‘academically productive’?”

“Of course. What else could I have meant?”

And we laughed a laugh that showed we both knew how unlikely that was.

My weekend consisted of a bunch of activities of the non-academic kind, and very little activities of the educational variety, unless you count learning how to roll a cigarette educational. (Reeelaks, rolling a cigarette doesn’t necessarily mean smoking it!)

Sometimes I wonder if it’s weekends like this that push G’nell students to go on, like that thing to look forward to in the midst of a dull week. The Saturday nights spent doing things till 5am, and the Sunday mornings spent sleeping till noon, and the Sunday afternoons spent going over the events of the night before. And then it’s homework on Sunday night, and then on Monday we go back to the humdrum of classes and homework.

I have an environmental economics exam tomorrow that I’m not prepared for. Thanks to this class, I now know how to calculate the value of a human life.

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