Yesterday started like any other day.

Except, it wasn’t like any other day. It was May 1st, 2012. In American date format, it was 5.01.12. Grinnell’s zip code is 50112.

Yesterday, was Grinnell Day! (Whatever that is.)

For most people in Grinnell (townspeople, professors, students, staff), yesterday started off normally; by 5:45pm, however, about 1200 people made Grinnell College history — by breaking a Guinness World Record!

We broke the record for the most number of frisbees thrown simultaneously!

(Clickable, click it!)

I had just gotten out of dance rehearsal before that, and because I’d been tired all day, I screwed up an unusual amount of moves, which put me in a bad sort of mood. But then went to this, there was music, there was sun, there were friends, and there were frisbees. The ingredients you need to put you in a laughy, skippy, sing-song kind of mood.

And if that’s not enough, being able to say you were part of an effort that successfully broke a world record counts for something, right?

Got a free red Grinnell Day frisbee, too, and nothing beats getting free stuff.


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