Till what’s next, Two

Next Monday we’ll have our Class of 2012 commencement ceremony, which will be held outdoors. Our families will be here to see us walk the stage, smartly dressed in our graduation gowns, and receive our bachelor’s degree that we’ve worked four excruciatingly stressful years for.

Are seniors concerned about Monday’s weather? May-haps. A little bit, kind of.

This Friday will be Block Party, which will be held outdoors. An entire street will be blocked off from morning till evening, beer trucks will be brought in, music will be played loudly enough, and everyone will drink and be merry. Everyone will be intoxicated, from the booze, obviously, but also from the high of knowing you’ve survived another stressful Grinnellian academic year, and now all you and your wonderful friends need to think about is how much more you can/should drink.

Are seniors concerned about Friday’s weather? OH GOD YES, SO CONCERNED, you best believe it!

And this is typical Grinnellian behavior. All-day drinking parties are just more important. Obviously.

I mean, we already did the work. We know we’re graduating. A ceremony is fine, but a party is better!

(Drink responsibly la, no problem one.)

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