Till what’s next, Three

Seeing that graduation is next week, and most of us will be going to far off places and probably not seeing our friends/guys any time soon, the following is a legitimate frustration, expressed in a (possibly fictitious, possibly not) conversation:

“So my period came.”

“Oh shit, worst time to be on your period! Are you going to do it anyway?”

“I want to, this’ll be our last time, but I don’t want the mess.”

“But you can do it in the shower. No mess.”

“Yeah, but that means we’ll have to do it late at night.”


“Oh but I don’t want to get my hair wet at night.”

“Maybe you can wear a shower cap?”

“… a shower cap?!”

* * *

I can’t believe it. What I do with these people in the next few days will be the last time ever that I’m doing these things with them, in this setting.

Once you grasp the significance of this, it is very hard not to become emo.

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