The parents left for London today. Just in time for the Olympic madness.

They’re going on a 3-week tour of Western Europe, just the two of them, which leaves the remaining 3 members of my family all alone to fend for ourselves.

This means washing and cleaning duties to be shared, and cooking to be done.

My dad told me to drain out the water filter, or sommin’. Did you know, we now have a water filter that talks? You make a selection among 7 options on the touchscreen menu, and a female voice goes, “Drinking water coming down”, all sexy-like, and water comes down a narrow pipe. You press the button again, and there she goes, “Water supply suspended.”

Seems like a very unnecessarily fancy piece of equipment, especially since for the past year I’ve been getting my supply of drinking water by walking to the kitchen sink and turning on the tap.

And speaking of equipment, I have a piece of sad news to share.

It seems that my Macbook, dear ol’ buddy of 4 years, my partner who hasn’t once left my side since our first acquaintance, is on its last legs. It has gone through a lot, man. A lot of rough traveling. Every time I travel, it is hastily taken out of its snug pocket in my backpack for security checks, then hurriedly shoved back in again afterwards, only to be kicked under plane seats and piled into overhead compartments after each transit. In school, it is put on messy table tops and on unmade beds, it is laid on my lap at an angle and left on sticky kitchen counters. Sometimes, it is even left sitting precariously on top of a large amplifier on those weekend nights when regular speakers don’t cut it. It never gets proper rest — I turn it off once every two weeks.

I know, I know. I could’ve taken better care of it. But it’s been 4 years, and its struggle to survive another doesn’t seem like it would end well.

Honestly, this is the only thing I have that’s been with me throughout all 4 years of college. No matter which part of the world I was in, this thing was always with me. I got my Bachelor’s Degree with this thing! I got it at a time way back when there was still an “us” and a “them” — us with our smooth white Macbooks, and they with their shiny silver Macbook Pros. Now you couldn’t buy regular Macbooks even if you wanted to, which makes me sad.

One day, I’m gonna wake up and try to turn this thing on, only to find that it is utterly, irredeemably dead.

My new problem then would be this — I have no money to buy a new laptop. Help!

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