Fitter Happier

So the news is, I’ve found a job. Or rather, it has found me. Dropped onto my lap in the most unexpected way a week ago.

I went asking about a volunteer opportunity, was invited to apply for an internship, and ended up being offered a full-time position. All in the span of 3 days.

This, of course, marks my first ever real-world, post-college, full-time position.

It allows me to meet a lot of awesome people who’ve done some pretty wonderful things. Every time I meet someone and find out who they are and what they’ve done, my jaw drops.

It is tons of fun. I work with a bunch of high-profile people who keep very low profiles. I’ve never worked anywhere else where I’m allowed to make fun of my bosses!

And best of all, it is completely relevant to my sociology degree and what I want to do. It focuses on social change. It allows me to network with people who organize awesome large- and small-scale social benefit events.

Do you know how rarely the above three coincide?

I was looking at opportunities to volunteer in Malaysia during the time that I worked on applications for internships in the US, but after having found this, I realize it is highly unlikely I’d find any other opportunity as wonderful as this one. So I’ve signed on to work for a year.

I kind of want to start gushing about all the passionate people I’ve met in the past week and all the impressive things they’ve done, but I’ll refrain from doing that.

For now it’ll suffice to say, I’m enjoying myself, and I’m fucking glad I’ve found a job that makes good use of my sociology and global development degree.

Now. Time to finally completely unpack my 3 large suitcases, cos I won’t be leaving Malaysia any time soon!

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