I’ve spent the past four years writing academic papers, pieces of writing that ranged from 2 pages to something crazy like 40 pages.

Works that needed a ton of research, and a ton more of analyzing and synthesizing, referencing and citing (always a huge pain in the buttocks).

Writing research papers is not new to me, I am no stranger to coming up with thesises, searching through books and journals, pulling out referencable material, condensing them and articulating them in (kind of) smart sounding ways.

And so I am more than just a little disappointed to find myself here, a mere 2 months after leaving college, staring at the computer screen, fingers poised on the keyboard, desperately trying to draw out a single-paged composition that is stubbornly refusing to show itself.

I’m trying to write a press release about a workshop that took place two weekends ago, I admit I’ve never written a press release before, but it shouldn’t be this hard to write. I mean, it’s all facts, information that I already know from having been there, done it. But nope, my blank mind is in no mood to cooperate with me tonight. This same mind that is used to crunching mountains of research information into a (semi) coherent paper is now having trouble turning a bullet-pointed list of Who-What-Where-When-Why-How into two short paragraphs of a few sentences.

Is this what leaving college does to you?

(But isn’t it funny I can still blog? Eh? Eh?)

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