Mid-blog-life crisis

I am quite positive all owners of personal blogs go through this one phase, in which they wake up one day and decide that they have too much crap on their blogs. You can usually tell someone has hit this phase when their blog, once full of widgets and links and images, and moving bits and colorful bits and pointless bits, suddenly becomes very…. spartan.

So this is me, going for the minimalist look.

I was going to go for something very bare-bones, something very text-editor-esque, but I changed my mind because I realized I like color too much. Plus, black text on white reminds me of Word documents and college research papers, which reminds me of gruesome all-nighters, which are not very pleasant things to be reminded of.

It’s unbelievable how much time I was willing to spend working on the last theme, because now I can’t really be arsed about these things anymore.

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