I’m sorry. Fire extinguisher to flame. I’m really sorry. Ointment to wound. I could’ve done better. Lifting the lid off a bubbling pot. I’m so, so very sorry. Glue to slow-spreading crack in delicate, delicate glass. * * I’m sorry too. I want to be better for you. Gloriously soothing balm for the thorns in our words. […]


Flying off to Bandar Aceh tomorrow. In a flurry of messages on a Whatsapp group chat, my boss reminded us to pack long-sleeved, loose-fitting tops, long pants or skirts, sleeping bags, headscarves, along with an assortment of other directions, like “no nail polish”. And buried somewhere in the middle, in a nonchalant, casual-sounding text that […]


Curling into you. When the alarm goes off in the morning, and the only sounds I can make are groans of great reluctance to get up, I just want to curl into you. Because you are warm, and because you are soft. Because I can scent the you-ness from your shirt, and it is intoxicating. […]


Even though my internship in Ghana is a time and place very, very far removed from my current realities of air-conditioned apartments, eat-all-you-can dining hall meals, sociology class readings, and white people discourses, I still think about that little town in the north of Ghana very often. Written 1 year and 2 months ago, and […]

The Card

“It’s not love, and it’s not not-love.” I sometimes feel like we’re in a limbo here, doing a dance in which one is confident and sure-footed, the other uncertain and stumbling. We go through life expecting to be dealt with a few tough hands. But occasionally, life deals you with cards you completely did not […]


I’ve spent the past four years writing academic papers, pieces of writing that ranged from 2 pages to something crazy like 40 pages. Works that needed a ton of research, and a ton more of analyzing and synthesizing, referencing and citing (always a huge pain in the buttocks). Writing research papers is not new to […]