In Norway, I found the most beautiful spot in the world. It was so beautiful, we decided to name it. We christened it Blue. This is one side of the entire view at Blue. The other side is made up of more mountains, and the fjord ‘river’ that stretches farther than the eye can see. […]


We had our theater performance last night. After 10 weeks of rehearsals (and 17 hours each week during the last 2 weeks!), we finally pulled it off. WE PULLED IT OFF! WITH NO SCREW-UPS! I swear, that is a miracle. The day before the performance, a bunch of us were still forgetting a lot of […]


I have this tingly feeling in me that really means only one thing – that I am very excited for something. We’re going to visit a vineyard tomorrow, and that is kind of annoying because that means not having Internet access and I can’t check live updates of the Sarawak state elections. I have a […]


I am so tired! This is not supposed to happen this semester. This semester in France is supposed to be my vacation from Grinnell. I mean, compared to Grinnell, the workload here makes this seem like honeymoon (as opposed to the bootcamp that is Grinnell). BUT I AM SO TIRED!!! I have an art history […]