Somewhere during our drive to Cherokee Nation, at a time between the 10 hours after the start of our journey in Iowa and the 2 hours till our destination in Oklahoma, we drove past vast open land. We’d been listening to playlists put together by all of us specially for the trip, but after 10 […]


Help me answer this question please! SUM 41 is playing in Paris this weekend. Ohmygawd yes it’s true!! Should I go?? The entire trip would cost a little over RM500, and IES Nantes (our study abroad program) have already bought us tickets to attend a classical music concert on Saturday. But my excitement level for […]

In Rainbows

I am feeling rather melancholic. It’s not like I’ve been hanging around a lot of people lately, since I’ve been quite busy with my finals, but at the same time I’m feeling very tired whenever I am around people. Go listen to Radiohead’s “All I Need”. How the heck is it so beautiful? This reminds […]