I’m sorry. Fire extinguisher to flame. I’m really sorry. Ointment to wound. I could’ve done better. Lifting the lid off a bubbling pot. I’m so, so very sorry. Glue to slow-spreading crack in delicate, delicate glass. * * I’m sorry too. I want to be better for you. Gloriously soothing balm for the thorns in our words. […]


I’ve spent the past four years writing academic papers, pieces of writing that ranged from 2 pages to something crazy like 40 pages. Works that needed a ton of research, and a ton more of analyzing and synthesizing, referencing and citing (always a huge pain in the buttocks). Writing research papers is not new to […]


The parents left for London today. Just in time for the Olympic madness. They’re going on a 3-week tour of Western Europe, just the two of them, which leaves the remaining 3 members of my family all alone to fend for ourselves. This means washing and cleaning duties to be shared, and cooking to be […]

Till what’s next, Two

Next Monday we’ll have our Class of 2012 commencement ceremony, which will be held outdoors. Our families will be here to see us walk the stage, smartly dressed in our graduation gowns, and receive our bachelor’s degree that we’ve worked four excruciatingly stressful years for. Are seniors concerned about Monday’s weather? May-haps. A little bit, kind […]


This week, school life is a dull shade of grey. I have a 15-page research paper that I need to churn out by this Saturday, and I haven’t written a thing. I’ve read 11 books that I checked out from the library, I’ve 14 journal articles read and highlighted, and I’ve a 3-page Word document […]