When even choc chip cookies do not help

Ahhhhh ces devoirs sont impossibles!!! Je suis tellement fatiguée, j’ai pas dormi pendant 30 heures, j’ai déjà écrit 12 pages et j’ai encore 6 pages à écrire. Ma cervelle ne fonctionne plus. Je ne veux pas être ici je veux être très très très loin d’ici s’il vous plaît merci beaucoup! J’écrirs en français parce […]


It’s 10:14 AM on a Saturday morning, and I’m the only person awake in the entire apartment. I can’t help thinking — in Tamale, people would have washed a load of clothes, cleaned the house, watched TV, went to the market, and would be preparing lunch by this… late hour. For the past 4 days […]


I am so tired! This is not supposed to happen this semester. This semester in France is supposed to be my vacation from Grinnell. I mean, compared to Grinnell, the workload here makes this seem like honeymoon (as opposed to the bootcamp that is Grinnell). BUT I AM SO TIRED!!! I have an art history […]


Help me answer this question please! SUM 41 is playing in Paris this weekend. Ohmygawd yes it’s true!! Should I go?? The entire trip would cost a little over RM500, and IES Nantes (our study abroad program) have already bought us tickets to attend a classical music concert on Saturday. But my excitement level for […]

In Rainbows

I am feeling rather melancholic. It’s not like I’ve been hanging around a lot of people lately, since I’ve been quite busy with my finals, but at the same time I’m feeling very tired whenever I am around people. Go listen to Radiohead’s “All I Need”. How the heck is it so beautiful? This reminds […]

To yourself

It’s 4:07 AM and I’m still up writing my dang paper. I had to pee a few minutes ago, so I walked to the restroom. I was giving myself a pep talk, encouraging myself, telling myself that I CAN DO IT, when I pushed open the door to the restroom only to see someone was […]