Summer wine

So I am here, at home, slouched on the sofa with my laptop on top of my… well, lap. I’ve just finished mopping the entire house because today is Friday, also unofficially known in my house as Cleaning Day. Now I have nothing to do. That’s been going through my mind a lot lately: What […]

Left wanting

Oh man oh man! I was so inappropriate and inadequate! Literally! I mean, so literally inadequate, you couldn’t imagine what happened unless I told you (err privately of course!). But if you are smart enough you can pretty much catch on when I say I was literally inadequaaaaaaate! Not enough. Incomplete. Lacking something. Sometimes, I […]

In Perfect Harmony

I am very much in a I-Need-to-Celebrate-Life mood right now. “Celebration” is a very exciting word, isn’t it? So is “Jubilation”. Ditto “Adventure”. Suddenly I am very excited about nothing in particular. And suddenly I so appreciate everything and everyone around me. I mean, I feel like having the biggest party ever, get everyone I […]

I slay.

We Will Rock You the musical will be showing in Singapore! They perform to Queen’s hit songs, so I imagine it’s one heck of a musical. Best part best part – Mig Ayesa will star in it! Remember Mig? Third last guy standing in the Rockstar: INXS show! I wanted him to win if Marty […]