There is a point at which you can safely say, you are exhausted. No, I mean seriously, not exhausted as in, “Ohh I’m so tired”, but actually exhausted, completely drained, absolutely no more energy left. And you know you have reached this desperate point when you wake up in the morning, start brushing your teeth, […]

Good night

Maybe because it’s almost the end of the year. Maybe it’s because the seniors know they are graduating in three weeks. Maybe everyone’s just stressed from all the schoolwork. Maybe we all feel that we need a much-deserved break. Whatever the reason, the fact remains – the parties have become wilder, and last longer and […]

n. Australian. “Large, noisy celebration”.

I was going through my photos folder (uploading photos I promised to share but have not actually gotten to sharing them) and look what I found! Photos I never took. The photos people take when they know it isn’t their camera. A bunch of other camwhore-ish ones had very identifiable cam whores, which makes it […]