Browser rant

After many, MANY hours staring at CSS codes in TextWrangler, saving my documents every 5 minutes after every small change I make to them, I think I am allowed to say this — The whole world should use Fire-freaking-Fox! Seriously! At the very least, people who are using IE 6 should update to IE 7 […]


HAIH. Lately I’ve been ridiculously tempted to pay for web hosting service. I hate being so tempted to spend money unnecessarily. Yahoo! GeoCities have sent us an email saying that they are terminating their free hosting service. … after October 26, your GeoCities files will be deleted from our servers, and will not be recoverable. […]

Coff coff

So in the papers today, there was a report on the first locally transmitted A(H1N1) death. And they quoted an official telling us that we “must” go to a hospital if we exhibit flu-like symptoms and if tested positive for A(H1N1), we hafta take some sort of medicine, I dunno lost interest by then. Like […]