DownDownDownDown, makes me so!


Bad photo quality. Oh well.

Sugar Gem Biscuits

Pasar Malam One-Ringgit per Bag I-Used-To-Eat-Them-When-I-Was-Young Biscuits.

They’re basically biscuits with a dollop of coloured sugar on them. Green, pink, yellow, orange, white, you name it!

Some people bite off the biscuits first, then savour the sugar drops. Others don’t ever bother with the biscuits.

Me, I like to eat them whole! Pop ’em in and enjoy! Most (all?) of my friends have not been eating them since they were 10, but I buy them every other week! They are the ultimate Comfort Food, after chocolates of course.
How can enjoying a whole bag of them not lift your spirits?

Which was why I needed them so badly today. I dunno why, I had the extreme blues. Shucks, it was so bad, I didn’t want to go home after school’s annual Sports Day. So Yun and I went to Ling’s place instead.
(Oh and here I take the opportunity to thank the both of them, because going to Ling’s house was MY decision, and they really didn’t have to oblige!)

So we left for her house. All of us got comfy on her bed, with the air-conditioning on, and there were snacks, and the room dimly lit, and music in the background. Obviously, a gathering of friends with such an atmosphere, heart-to-heart talks are unavoidable!
‘Twas nice, especially since it has been months since the three of us had REAL heart-to-heart talks.

Unfortunately though, I was still in my House March uniform. I’m in the blue house, and this year our theme was the sky, and the girls dressed up as air stewardess while the guys donned blazers and berets. Flight captain, get it? The girls’ uniform were a torture! The knee-length skirts were tight! In fact, we couldn’t even sit on the ground properly! For a non-skirt person like me (I admit I’ve not worn an actual skirt since I was 6) it definitely was hell. But like what they say, beauty and comfort don’t go together. At least people thought our costumes were nice! Most said nicest, in fact. Uh-huh!

Ahh but I digress.

I had an extremely hard time sitting on Ling’s bed. The darned skirt! It was too short. But in the end, I couldn’t bother with it that much anymore. Hey they were all girls anyway!

Got home in the evening. Felt so much better. Who wouldn’t feel better after pillow talks?

All because I forgot the keys

Being the absent-minded person that I am, I forgot my house keys today.
I didn’t realize it wasn’t with me until after school, and by then there was obviously nothing I could do.

Of course, I couldn’t go home yet.

Ling, Yun, Marv and I went to this chicken rice outlet right outside our school for lunch. Actually, only Yun and I had chicken rice. The other two were too busy slurping ice-creams. Our supposedly 15 minute lunch lasted more than an hour. Before you get the wrong idea, Yun and I are not slow eaters (At least Yun isn’t. She accuses me of being the slowest eater on earth, and often makes redundent comparisons, though I doubt I’m really THAT slow).

Lunch lasted longer than intended because we were all discussing something Very Important. Something regarding Our Future. Marv, Ling and I are extremely unsure of our decision. We chose the science stream instead of the arts, and now, half way into the year, we’re starting to doubt our decision was a wise one. Just for the record, I failed Add Math. Only two marks short of passing it! AND, I almost failed Physics. Two marks less, and I would have failed it. In all my life, I’ve never failed a subject before. In fact, I’ve never even come close to failing one. Failing Add Math didn’t surprise me though. I still ask myself why am I putting myself through hours and hours of Math, Physics, Chemistry and all other science-related subjects when all I’m ever interested in is the arts.

Half way through the conversation, Ling let out this loud yelp. Turned out her last bit of chocolate ice-cream fell from the stick. Marv had to get pieces of tissues and wipe everything off for her. Like her mother or something. So typical of Ling!

Having forgotten my keys, there was no way I could go home. So I went to Yun’s. Her’s is another one of those houses that I go to real often. I kind of enjoy being at her place, mostly because she has two adorable siblings! Everytime I’m there, and believe me, I’ve been there quite a number of times, her brother would be running in little circles, like a dog chasing its tail or something. It is quite a funny sight, but what makes it even funnier is the ecstasy that is so obviously manifested on his face. The question: Why do kids find running in tiny circles fun? Still, it only serves to make them so much cuter!

We had another one of those Meaningful Conversations. Eventhough I’ve known her for less than two years, it feels like she has been my friend since forever. Another reason why I enjoy being at her place! Chatting with her is always fun!

All in all, forgetting my keys didn’t turn out to be so bad after all!

Half full, or what?

Right. Shall I have a look at the age-old question? Indeed I shall, whether you like it or not!

Let’s pretend for a moment you have a drinking glass in front of you, filled half-way from the brim, (or from the bottom, whichever way you look at it!) with water. Is it half-full, or is it half-empty?

If any of you smarty-pants answered half-full, you’re wrong! If you’re this little emo kid and answered half-empty…..

You’re wrong too!

The glass is half full of water and half full of air. Which means the glass is always full. You did learned basic science, didn’t you? You should’ve known this earlier! Hah, nobody ever said the glass is “half-full of liquid“!

Now that we have established that, and we have a more positive outlook, here I pose a new question. Just what is the glass hall full of?

Probably say, chocolate milk? Now that, I can live with!